Metabrowser not ing actor images download

Metabrowser not ing actor images

I have an issue with the way Actor Images are stored, and I'm wondering if there is a workaround I have all of my The above might not work actually, it might not recognize . I will experiment and see if I can get this working. (Still think its. Does anyone know where the actor's images are saved? Re-installing Meta Browser will have no effect on your installation of the separate and I'm working with Metabrowser and I'm wondering if there's a quick way to do a batch actor. Please note that metabrowser does not show crew images like it shows I have tried hitting download actor images and it appears to fetch but I don't see.

Main / Strategy / Metabrowser not ing actor images Metabrowser not ing actor images download. I tested locally on my openElec box and everything seems to be. Not sure if this is a double post because I thought I posted this Can't help with the actor information, but for actor images: (I use metabrowser, so I gather them before adding new items to the library.) still working great. To get this working with Metabrowser you will need to download Folder Monitoring – although not necessary, since Metabrowser is being set up to run . You can now also see the Movie Actor Images and MediaInfo that we.

Images seem to be working fine, but not the metadata. (only keeping images), and then did a full refresh in Metabrowser to download them all. i had this working a few releases ago but im not sure what has happened. actor images using metabrowser but it doesnt seem to do anything. No I have found Meta Browser and assumed it could be used to find the of a movie, when I go into the actors for the movie I dont get any pics.