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In order to receive full information, you should enable Trace APDUs and Comm details options: enter image description here. Java Card OpenPlatform (JCOP) is a smart card operating system for the Java Card platform . The first module was a command line tool called JCOP Shell or JCShell. The development tools is a plugin to Eclipse IDE. NXP has maintained. A Loyalty Card System based on a Java Card featuring a smart card and a terminal - Anthirian/Loyalty-Card.

jcop shell free download. JCGP This project is a tool like jcop plugins on eclipse. It can download cap file, run script, also has. we have a script that we want the jcschell to run automatically. How do you prepersonalize a JCOP Card using JCOP Shell? sleep deprived at the time:) There has been a recent thread on pre-personalising JCOP cards.

3. Powerful shell for either issuing interactive commands or executing long- running batch scripts to auto-test the application. Thus, the JCOP Tools enable a . 8. see the JCOP shell sub-window is downloading the applet into card【this sample is JCOP20 card simulator】, the AID 『AC0B01』is selectable. They were NXP JCOP Cards, J2A Round 1: GP Shell and Card Personalization. I was using GPShell for my initial tests, you can download.