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Sims 3 crashes

I bought an Alienware M14X R2, gaming laptop mind you, thinking it would stop my Sims 3 crashing but NOPE. It's the game that is unstable. It's so frustrating to see your Sims 3 keeps crashing in your computer. But don't worry. Follow the solutions in the post to fix Sims 3 keeps. Solved: Played the Sims 3 (and expansions) about a week ago, worked fine. Went to play last night and it wouldn't load properly, where the 'Sims 3'.

Hi, I've had The Sims 3 for a while now, but recently my game has been freezing and crashing constantly. It crashes every minutes. I've made. After about 30 minutes gameplay my Sims 3 crashes? Just got a new PC with Windows 8 and I think it might be Windows 8 fault, because I could run it. When I play Sims 3 every now and then a box pops up with the message: Sims 3 has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop.

If you can't play The Sims 3 on your Windows computer due to frequent game crashes, here are some solutions to fix this issue. If a step did not solve the crashings, proceed on to the next step down the list. If you completed one section and still have crashes, go onto the. I have a Windows 10 acer laptop everytime,I loaded The Sims 3 it ran ok but this time it keeps on crashing how do i stop this from happening.