Afrikaans spell checker for word 2010 download

Afrikaans spell checker for word 2010

Hi guys. One of our managers has just been upgraded from his old XP/ system to a shiny new Dell with Win7 64bit and Office Is an Afrikaans proofing tool available for Office (Version ( 32 bit). No service I only need an Afrikaans spell checker. Microsoft Office se proefleesnutsmiddels maak redigering in bykomende tale moontlik.

Ons doelwit is om die omvattendste en gebruikersvriendelikste speltoetser gratis in Afrikaans daar te stel. WSpel word gereeld bygewerk met nuwe woorde of. I would contact Microsoft or look through their spell-checker. A free Afrikaans spell-checker for Word Microsoft word afrikaans spell check. Typing out an Afrikaans document in MS Word with your language and Microsoft Office Language Interface Pack - Afrikaans verskaf 'n net die spel and taal gebruik en die res van MS Word can operate in English.

Hi, Is there a Afrikaans spell checker available for Office Word? If so, where can i find it - it seems there are only other spell checkers available. Afrikaans Spellchecker which also check Grammar, Hyphenation and includes Microsoft® Office , Microsoft® Office or Microsoft® Office ; and. This is the download page for the language accessory packs (LAP) for Office , The content also includes the Newer versions Office Office Do you know of a generic spell-checker for MS Office, or perhaps a grammar . Yes, I found it a free Afrikaans spell-checker for Word